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National and public universities, private universities, government research institutes, government enterprise support institutes, prefectural government research institutes, private enterprise research institutes, and production factories, venture capital enterprises, and others.


Increased extrusion volume and specific energy using
our 4-quad screw technology

Our newly developed 4-screw extruder offers a new extrusion stage.
It decreases the specific energy required by 10 to 20% and produces a high extrusion volume, approximately triple that of our twin screw extruder.


This corner provides updates on our new products, technologies, and exhibits at conventions.

TECHNOVEL Product Lineup
TECHNOVEL Product Lineup

In this section, we introduce our sophisticated engineered products such as the eight & four-screw extruder, twin-screw extruder, direct molding line, compounding tester, and single-screw excluder.

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