A wealth of knowledge in various fields

  • Plastics

    Filler compounding
    Direct tubes and pipes line
    Direct films and sheets line
    Melt spinning line

  • Bio-plastics

    Cellulose nanofibers
    Wood flour    Rice flour     Rice husk
    Cellulose flour     PLA
    Biodegradable plastic

  • Chemical

    Chemical reaction compounding
    Dynamic crosslinking   Transesterification
    Subcritical   Polymer cycle
    Multi-vent continuous drying
    Continuous extraction
    Continuous azeotropic

  • Food

    Pet food
    Waste food

  • Medical plastic

    Medical catheter
    Medial tubes
    Hollow fiber


  • R&D extruder

    National/Public/Private university

    Public research institute

    Private compony R&D dept.

  • Production extruder

    Private compony production dept.