Technovel was established in 1991 with the aim of becoming a technological group manufacturing extruders that combine ‘Technology’ and ‘Novelty.’ We have developed the world’s first horizontal multi screw extruder, which has been widely utilized in various fields. Additionally, our twin screw extruders range from unique compact models with a minimum diameter of 6mm to large-scale equipment, including the bestselling model with a diameter of 15mm.

In our commitment to contributing to the technical development of customers worldwide, Technovel strives to be at the forefront of innovation in the global extruder industry. We aim to develop innovative (おもろい) extruder products that can adapt to cutting-edge processes, making us a central hub for innovation in the extruder industry worldwide.

Executive Vice President
Shusaku Sawa



Create novel technologies and innovative extruder


Extrusion professionals

Roll out the creative product with the commitment to “Made in Osaka”


  • Customer first principle
    for Technovel rooters

    Place importance
    on our people

  • Teamwork management

    All for one, one for all

  • To be a thoughtful person

    With gratitude, sincere,
    and fairness

company profile

Address 7-8-5 Higashinakahama Joto Osaka
Capital ¥30,000,000
Date of Establishment April 1991
Business Detail Extruders and ancillary facilities manufacturer
Patent Octa・Quad screw extruder patent in Japan, Germany and U.S.A.
Twin screw extruder patent in Japan


Head Office
7-8-5 Higashinakahama Joto Osaka