“ULTnano” series is loop type twin screw extruder for the purpose of collecting initial basic date in the compounds.
  • POINT01
    Original loop twin screw extruder

    Various factors such as residence time and compounding conditions can be freely set by the loop line. Since possible to evaluate ultra-small amount with a few grams, it can easily contribute to the collection of basic date.

  • POINT02
    Versatile screw formation

    Easily collect the basic date such as the torque, screw speed, barrel temperature for the R&D.

Technical Data

Screw diameter 06, 08,10,12,15,20
Number of screw TW : Twin screw type
L / D 15~30
Grade “ULTnano” series
Screw type NH : Standard depth of screw grove
SH : Deeper screw depth
OT : Other specification
Screw rpm 100~10,000rpm