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News release2024.01.10


Technovel Corporation delighted to announce its groundbreaking initiative, marked by the construction of a cutting-edge facility named “Naniwa Lab” in Osaka , slated for completion around the fall of 2024. Having strategically relocated its headquarters factory to Joto in 2004, Technovel has consistently played a pivotal role as a cornerstone for extrusion press manufacturing.


“Naniwa” is an old name for Osaka, historically used as an alternative or poetic reference. It has deep roots in Japanese literature, songs, and historical documents. The term “Naniwa” is often associated with the cultural and historical aspects of Osaka, serving as a nostalgic or traditional name for the city.


“Naniwa Lab” is poised to emerge as a beacon for innovative equipment development for Technovel’s product line, designed to seamlessly align with the dynamic needs of our customers’ technological advancements. Embodying the core concept, the facility will integrate state-of-the-art testing and showroom functionalities, housing the latest extrusion press equipment for live demonstrations of Technovel’s diverse product portfolio. Beyond showcasing the globally recognized small-scale extrusion press, KZW08, and KZW15 series, “Naniwa Lab” will also unveil Technovel’s proprietary offerings, including small-scale multi scerew extrusion presses and large-scale multi screw extrusion presses.

Against the backdrop of our unwavering commitment to transformation and evolution, Technovel, headquartered in Osaka, steadfastly endeavors to provide customers with not only groundbreaking products but also an unparalleled level of service and value. We are excited to embark on this milestone journey, reinforcing our dedication to innovation an customer satisfaction.



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