Strategic Partnership with Baracco S.R.L.

News release2024.02.29

Baracco S.R.L. (“Baracco”, Head Office: Occhiobello, Italy) and Technovel Corporation (“Technovel”, Head Office: Osaka, Japan) have reached an agreement and concluded a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) effective February 2024 regarding a partnership with the objective of promoting Baracco products by Technovel in Japan as strategic partners.


Building upon their established collaborative relationship within the extrusion field, Baracco and Technovel are committed to jointly developing new markets. Baracco has been strategically expanding its global business to pioneer novel technologies and innovative pelletizing system, drawing upon its extensive expertise in the extrusion industry.


Technovel is dedicated to further enhancing the strategic partnership with Baracco and is poised to deliver optimal solutions across the entire extrusion value chain in Japan.



About Baracco (HP:


Baracco is a company specialized in the design, production, promotion and sale in Italy and worldwide of underwater and watering pelletizers, dies, cleaning ovens and spare parts for machinery used in the plastics industry.


Baracco pelletizers are designed to create the best solutions for the economic and ecological needs of our customers. Baracco’s main goal is to always provide our customers with the right machine that meets their objectives, in fact the pelletizing system interfaces with the customer’s extruder.



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